Workshop 5D in-vitro models: a step closer to humans

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On 16th December 2022, ALTERNATIVE  partners Politecnio di Torino  and IVTECH organized a webinar on “5D in-vitro models: a step closer to humans”. The goal of the event was to have know -how about these new needs, and presenting the Alternative partners’ experience as a case of study.

The standard, in-vitro models used to investigate pato-physiological scenarios often lead to results that poorly predictive the human reality. There is a need to increase the predictivity of these models, to obtain new and more relevant data that is more real. To meet this specification, an upgrade of the technology used to develop these studies is suggested. In this 5D in-vitro models workshop,  speakers shared their experience in the development of new and highly representative in-vitro models of the human reality, focused on the study of the cardiovascular scenario. With the need to increase the complexity of a 3D in-vitro model, including a IVth dimension, represented by the dynamicity of the cell culture environment and a Vth dimension, related with the cross modulation between different tissues. During this meeting, the partners presented available products on the market to set up a 5D in-vitro model.

The technology developed in the Alternative project is aligned with this purpose. Few glimpses from the presentation.



cardiotoxicity, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), In-vitro Models


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