Deliverable No. Deliverable name Abstract Delivery Date (project month)
D2.1Documentation of regulatory needs for cardiotoxicity methods and data which can be used for consultation of national and European PARERE networksAbstract12
D2.4General structure of IATA for cardiotoxicityAbstract30
D2.5Executive summary of the ALTERNATIVE project results, including questions for European RegulatorsAbstract30
D3.2Toxicological evidenceAbstract10
D7.2Draft Guidance for regulatory use of the ALTERNATIVE platform36
D8.1Initial dissemination and communication planAbstract3
D8.2Data management planAbstract6
D8.4Intermediate dissemination and communication report18
D8.4Intermediate dissemination and communication reportAbstract3
D8.5Final dissemination and communication report36
D8.6Final data management report36
D9.4Report on advisory board interactions36
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