ALTERNATIVE project integrates with the European Green Deal Science -Policy Dialogue

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ALTERNATIVE project integrates with the European Green Deal Science -Policy Dialogue

On 12th Jan European Commission’s Green Deal Support Office invited partners from selected European Research Projects including ALTERNATIVE for a policy-science dialogue. In the first half of the web meeting the Commission´s policy officers gave an overview of the priorities for implementation of the European Green Deal. They outlined how research projects can contribute to the implementation of these policies.

Green deal challenges include the need for many different and interlinked actions on climate change, biodiversity, clean, affordable and secure energy, food, urban environment, mobility and health. In that context ALTERNATIVE will provide an innovative non-animal-methods based platform to assess the cardiotoxicity of chemicals. This shall significantly advance chemical regulation in terms of all three pillars of sustainability, i.e.

  • less societal conflicts with animal testing
  • reduced costs for testing and assessment, fair market with comparable data for a broader set of chemicals, new markets for greener chemicals, new markets for testing/assessment serves with new-approach-methodology
  • more safety for environment and health, due to increased chemical testing capacities and competences and transparent validation of new-approach-methods


Specific relevance for ALTERNATIVE is the enrollment of the EU’s chemicals strategy for sustainability towards a toxic-free environment, is the safe and sustainable by design concept, which extends the established human and environmental hazard and risk assessment paradigm towards a life cycle assessment including effects on climate change, land use and else. This is also in line with the EC’s initiative for a sustainable products directive.

Further interaction between the European Green Deal Policy Support Office and the European research projects are foreseen to exploit the full societal potential of scientific results.


Further information:

EU’s chemicals strategy for sustainability towards a toxic-free environment

Safe and sustainable by design concept

Sustainable products directive


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