ALTERNATIVE partner co-leads AOP pre-conference workshop in ICAW/EEMGS conference

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From 23rd –  26th May 2022, the 14th International Comet Assay Workshop (ICAW) and 50th EEMGS (Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society) joint meeting was organised in Maastricht, Netherlands. EEMGS is comprised of regional mutagenesis societies across many European countries while ICAW unites genetic toxicologists worldwide with specific interest in the comet assay.  A pre-conference workshop on Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOP) took place on 23rd May. Dr. Sivakumar Murugadoss from Sciensano co-led this workshop together with Prof. Dalma Martinovic, USA.

The main aim of the workshop was to introduce the participants to the AOP concept and to train them to develop and evaluate AOPs. The topic was introduced by Prof. Martinovic, which was followed by an AOP case study. The selected case study ‘Alkylation of DNA leading to heritable mutations’ is a well-developed AOP and is also included in the AOP-Wiki. Participants were distributed the case-study handouts and were asked to picture/draw an AOP diagram. Towards the end of the first session, the original AOP diagram from the authors was presented and essential elements of the AOP were described by the co-leader. In the second session, concepts to evaluate the strength of evidence were presented and  participants could evaluate the strength of evidence for the same case study. Following, Dr. Murugadoss presented the outcome of the analysis done by the original authors and compared them with the results of the workshop participants.

Overall, the session provided a good basis for understanding of the AOP concept and participants gained basic training to apply the AOP Framework in the area of genetic toxicology/mutagenesis as well as for other endpoints.

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