4th Advisory board meeting Project ALTERNATIVE

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On 15th Dec 4th  Advisory board meeting of project ALTERNATIVE took place in online mode.  The purpose of this meeting was to present the progress and get the expert guidance from the board members. The meeting kicked off  with the welcome of the board members, by the Project Technical co-ordinator Federico Vozzi, CNR and Pooja Mohnani, EURESCOM who was also the moderator. The idea was to present and covere the diverse research topics that the project ALTERNATIVE is focusing. The first presentation was about “AOP development” presented by Alexandra Schaffert from WP3 and presented the work on  network extraction, which was a manual extraction and this mapping resulted in 100 unique outputs. This presentation led to interesting discussions on mapping methodology followed, and a few recommendations from the board members. The topic “In silico model” was presented by Alessandra Roncaglioni, about the ways to combine data – QSAR models, Extending the model – TD/TK and shared the status and progress made. The last presentation was on “In-vitro system presented by Federico Vozzi and covered the Gelma & scaffolding topics. Overall, the meeting witnessed interesting discussions and recommendations from the board members. Overall the board members were happy about the progress made and congratulated the team on the good work presented. Finally the meeting was wrapped up by the Project Co-ordinator,Dr. Ciardelli Gianluca, Professor in Bioengineering, Politecnico di Torino who thanked the board members for sparing their time to share their feedback and the meeting ended with a positive tone wishing each other happy holidays.

We look forward with excitement to the new discoveries yet to happen in the project ALTERNATIVE.

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