ALTERNATIVE Partner Wins Prestigious Cardiac Safety Early Career Award

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We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Alexandra Schaffert, a distinguished postdoctoral researcher at the Medical University Innsbruck and a vital part of the project ALTERNATIVE, has been honored with the Cardiac Safety Early Career Award by the HESI Cardiac Safety Committee. This award is a testament to Dr. Schaffert’s innovative work in the field of cardiotoxicity assessment and her unwavering commitment to advancing human-relevant toxicology.

Her work under the ALTERNATIVE project represents a significant leap forward in understanding the cardiotoxic mechanisms of environmental contaminants and bridges the gap in regulatory science by integrating cutting-edge toxicological research to improve the assessment of cardiotoxic risks posed by environmental chemicals.

We invite everyone to join us in celebrating Dr. Schaffert’s remarkable achievement and to participate in the upcoming webinar titled “Redefining Cardiotoxicity Assessment of Environmental Chemicals using Adverse Outcome Pathways.” on April 5 at 17:00 CET.


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