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On Thursday 4 July, Green Deal Projects Support Office organized a communications training on “Storytelling deep dive” that attracted 35 plus participants across projects. This two hour online training covered “Whats in a story” . The session was a continuation to the first edition and led to deeper insights to crafting a compelling stories. The training was complemented with Mural boards for brainstorming and collaboration in addition to zoom. The structure evolved with ABT strategy with focus on target audience, choosing the right platform etc. The participants worked around the mural boards and shared their ideas on an aspect of their research. There were a number of exercises for projects to use when practicing story and narrative structures. From Project ALTERNATIVE dissemination & communication leader Pooja Mohnani, Project manager at Eurescom GmbH attended the training and contributed to the building of the brief story that was shared with the participants. As the training evolved extended strategies unfolded that emphasied on call to action, resolution etc. Overall it was a good learning experience that can be put to practise to create engaging stories that foster exchange needed for impact creation for the project ALTERNATIVE.


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