ALTERNATIVE participates in Workshop on Challenges for Green Deal Support Office (GDSO) projects

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On 24th May GDSO organized a workshop for Green Deal projects to map, reflect and discuss solutions for challenges faced. From the project ALTERNATIVE, its Dissemination and Communication manager Pooja Mohnani, Project manager at EURESCOM participated in the workshop. The workshop provided a great opportunity to 🤝 collaborate and discuss the common challenges across projects, enabling to learn from each other and identify potential solutions.  The Agenda of the meeting covered:

  • Introduction and objectives
  • Ranking of previous challenge types and updating new challenges
  • Identifying solutions or potential ideas to address key challenges
  • Wrap-up and next steps

The workshop was enabled via the tool mentimeter and fostered interaction and exchange. It was quite engaging and gave ideas as how we could find our way! Look forward to more such events in future!

#cardiotoxity #Chemicals #Non-animal testing #Green deal cluster

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