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On 5th & 6th Oct, 7th Plenary meeting of the Project Alternative took place in Utrecht. The meeting kicked off in hybrid mode with the welcome note from the Project coordinator Dr. Ciardelli Gianluca, Professor in Bioengineering, Politecnico di Torino and Anastasius Gavras, Eurescom, organizer & moderator of the plenary. Project technical coordinator Federico Vozzi, CNR, presented the Work package leaders of 11-member Alternative consortium reported on the status of their respective work package and the progress they plan to achieve in coming months. The project officer Michael Schaffer also joined the meeting in online mode. He gave directions and discussed on how we need to proceed next.  Day 1 of the meeting witnessed important questions raised and discussions ranging from data & its curation, platform, upcoming deliverables and overall exchange of ideas. The highlight of the day was the Presentation from Prof. Stefano Caserini, Politechnic in Milano. He gave a talk on Climate impact and what we can do about it- Science to action. In his presentation he explained how human activities are increasing greenhouse gases which is fostered by industrial revolution further how fossil fuels cause increase in Co2.  Thus, leading to a warmer planet which impacts watercycle, human health,biodiversity,food production, sea level rise etc.  He concluded that future climate change depends on future emission and how we can mitigate these challenges by efficient use -of solar, biomass etc. or stop deforestation and finally with use of right technology & best practices and energy saving lifestyles. ALTERNATIVE partners were quite inspired by his talk and participate in the Declaration on greening the practical conduct of Green Deal Cluster Research Projects an initiative to reduce environmental impact, promote circular economy practices, and contribute to the achievement of climate neutrality.

Day 2 started with the management review and related important discussions which was then followed by the parallel sessions. We continue our work to experiment and research on chemical pollution, and how this can support future policy action to protect human health and the environment.

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