ALTERNATIVE participates in Workshop: Telling better stories about your Green Deal-funded project

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On 20th Sept 23 Green Deal Projects Support Office organized a communications training workshop on narrative techniques and storytelling, via Zoom.

The focus of this workshop was to motivate projects to find new and interesting ways of engaging their audience. The workshop was designed in the tool MURAL to help participants build and/or refine storytelling and narrative skills. The MURAL board had series of activities that helped to practice different storytelling techniques and needed collaboration and thinking. These exercises were moderated by Suzanne Whitby. She also gave some very practical tips to help to tell a story, gave examples on what works—or doesn’t work. There was an active participation where participants from various projects shared their ideas n experiences.

Overall this workshop provided new ideas and inspiration on how to craft and tell better stories and to present research in a way that is interesting.

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