ALTERNATIVE Learns from Riskhunt3r Stakeholder Symposium

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The European Horizon project RISK-HUNT3R recently organized a two-day stakeholder symposium from June 13 to June 14, 2023, in Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands. The project RISK-HUNT3R aims to develop innovative mechanism-based new approach methods (NAMs) and implement integrated approaches to lead the way toward next-generation risk assessment (NGRA) for chemicals. ALTERNATIVE Partner from Sciensano: Sivakumar Murugadoss actively participated in the workshop and gained valuable insights from the discussions, which will benefit the ALTERNATIVE project.

The symposium focused on several key objectives for its participants:

  • Learn about the ASPIS Profiling Algorithm (ASPA), a platform designed to implement and operationalize NGRA.
  • Understand the integration of NAMs within the ASPA modules, covering areas such as hazard, exposure, toxicokinetics & IVIVE, and data integration.
  • Engage with the RISK-HUNT3R consortium, explore opportunities for collaboration, and contribute to the ongoing development of the ASPA.
  • Familiarize themselves with the NGRA ecosystem and interact with key experts involved in various chemical risk assessment initiatives.

During the symposium, stakeholders had the opportunity to preview the APSA dashboard prototype and explore its modules. The in vitro and in silico methods, developed within RISK-HUNT3R, will play a pivotal role in 11 case studies focused on crucial aspects of regulatory assessment such as prioritization, classification, labeling and packaging (CLP), hazard and risk assessment. These case studies form the foundation for further developing the ASPA framework, enabling comprehensive toxicological hazard and risk assessment.

Notably, the ALTERNATIVE project’s partners(WP2)  identified a potential area of improvement in the ASPA framework. They observed that the current framework lacks a module specifically addressing the heart as a potential target organ. Recognizing this opportunity for collaboration, the WP2 partners expressed their interest during the EU PARERE-APSIS meeting held in March. During the symposium, contacts were established, and WP2 will be approached when this work starts, ensuring their involvement in shaping the framework.

Overall,  the RISK-HUNT3R stakeholder symposium was a valuable opportunity for knowledge sharing and collaboration in the field of NGRA.


New approach methodologies (NAMs), European Chemical Agency (ECHA), chemical risk assessment

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