Project ALTERNATIVE participates in Collaborative Session on “Project Challenges” organized by Green Deal cluster

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On the 11th of December, Green deal cluster organized a workshop on Project Challenges.  The Purpose of this Session was to collaboratively discuss and document common challenges faced across projects, enabling us to learn from each other and identify potential solutions that fostered peer learning. The session was attended by 50 participants and lasted for approximately 1 hour and used the Platform: Mentimeter, an interactive tool that facilitated data collection.

James Roscoe moderated the workshop. There was an active participation from various project representatives, which shared their ideas and experiences. Overall, this workshop provided a chance to discuss, reflect and collect insights, focusing on the common challenges and potential strategies within Green Deal Projects. As we look to the future, we are excited to continue, to be part of such sessions. These sessions will provide further opportunities for synergies to collaboratively explore effective strategies.

Contributions from Susanna Sartori, Politecnico di Torino

Keywords: ALTERNATIVE, Green Deal, Workshop, Collaboration



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