Green Deal cluster meeting identifies joint future policy activities

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On March 8th 2023, representatives from the ALTERNATIVE project recently participated in a meeting with other Green Deal cluster projects to explore potential collaborations and identify commonalities in their respective policy activities. The aim of the meeting was to facilitate introductions and establish next steps for future collaborations on topics of common interest, such as non-animal methodologies (NAMs), chemical mixtures, and sustainable next-generation risk assessment.

Moving forward, the cluster projects will be working together on several important tasks:

  1. Monitoring policy updates to develop a mutual understanding of the policy context and regulatory framework to which the outcomes of the Green Deal Health-projects will contribute. Specifically, this action will support projects in obtaining information on policy updates, such as the status of Green Deal policies, among others, to increase awareness of the need for feedback. The ZeroPM project has already adapted this approach through their regulatory watch.
  2. Developing joint policy briefs to maximize the impact of the cluster projects’ results. Policy recommendations will be used to explore a problem in detail and highlight the main ideas derived from the research carried out. In a concise, one-page document, the research results and recommendations of subgroups of projects will be summarized and presented to a non-specialist audience on a specific topic, such as NAMs.
  3. Reaching out to policy and decision-makers to ensure that the projects’ research and policy recommendations are considered in decision-making processes.

The ALTERNATIVE project is excited to be taking a leading role in the development of a joint policy brief with the other Green Deal cluster projects. This collaborative effort aims not only to identify common policy areas of importance to all parties involved but also to synthesize a more comprehensive and holistic perspective. By pooling together our expertise, the cluster projects can establish a stronger advocacy platform to drive sustainable and equitable policy change.

This initiative will enable each project to contribute their unique perspectives, strengths and focus areas towards a shared goal, resulting in a more powerful and effective impact on policy-making processes. We believe that the joint policy brief is a great first step in that process, and we look forward to working closely with our partners to make it a success.



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