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On 30th May ALTERNATIVE Partners from EURECAT namely Ms. Nuria Canela presented at the event EXPOQUIMIA 2023. This event gathers together all the sectors of chemistry to promote the importances of the transformation of the industry towards more energy-efficent productions models under circular criteria. The Presentation titled Omics sciences on chemistry, pharma and environmental sectors covered EU funded project ALTERNATIVE that is focused on the cardiotoxic effect and develops platform to detect the cardiotoxicity of chemical substances and their biotransformation products that will allow to identify, quantify and prevent multiple cardiotoxic exposures to chemical and pharmaceutical products.  In her presentation she described about the platform that will consist of an in vitro three-dimensional heart rate engineering model (OCC) to imitate the heart rate of young and aged humans, together with a monitoring system based on multichemical analysis and integrated into a learning risk assessment queen automatic (ML). The session was attended by approximately 100 participants from industry (25) and scientific community(75).

We look forward to participating at such events in future too.

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