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32nd Conference of the European Society for Biomaterials was held in Bordeaux from Sept. 4-8, 2022. The Conference motto – “Innovative Biomaterials and Translational Research” a will to look into what lies ahead, promoting a forum to discuss the present, the future of our Society’s contributions towards the improvement of a patient’s quality of life. For the project ALTERNATIVE it was one of the important events as it brings the importance and use of biomaterials in the design of experimental Tissue Models, ALTERNATIVE team is working on.

The event took off by a keynote speech delivered by one of the ALTERNATIVE consortium partner Prof. Ronette GEHRING, from Utrecht University, on “The role of physiologically based kinetic modeling in interpreting the results of in vitro cell-based toxicity assays”.

The coordinator of Alternative, Prof. Gianluca Ciardelli, Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy and Dr. Alessandra Roncaglioni, Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri Milan, Italy participated in more than one way. Their contribution to the symposium on “Tissue engineering inspired tissue and organ models: recent technological advances and road to the bedside and market” was very well received, it triggered interaction, engaged participants and this brought meaningful insights.

Prof. G. Ciardelli, also presented on “Design of 3D bioengineered cardiac tissue models for the evaluation of chemical cardiotoxicity” which covered most recent developments in the project. Poster presentation by Dr. A. Roncaglioni, on “Practical considerations in selecting appropriate controls in developing new in vitro test systems for cardiotoxicity testing” dealt with methods that could be used in vitro systems.

ALTERNATIVE consortium continues to participate and exchange its findings & learnings to foster use of enabling technologies in a sustainable way.


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Keywords: ESB, Scientific Session, Non-Animal-Methods, Cardiac Toxicity, ALTERNATIVE

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