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Workshop on ”Materials and Technologies enabling 3D Models for standardised in-vitro toxicology studies”

During this event,  three presentations of ALTERNATIVE partners and Sister Project LIFESAVER are planned. The workshop will take place in Politecnico di Torino. The main goal this event is to showcase intermediate ALTERNATIVE results to regulators, researchers, industry and other stakeholders, initiating a dialogue with them about their requirements for exploiting ALTERNATIVE outcomes. The event […]

Webinar on “Evaluation of chemical-induced cardiotoxicity: challenges and progress”

Brief summary:  (purpose, learnings and how it supports the ALTERNATIVE) The objectives of this webinar are to raise awareness about the cardiotoxicity induced by environmental chemicals and to highlight the challenges/knowledge gaps in assessing cardiotoxicity for regulatory purposes. Additionally, the non-animal based methods that are being developed in H2020 European project ALTERNATIVE and their collective […]

Workshop on 5D in Vitro Models: A step closer to Humans

The H2020 project ALTERNATIVE is glad to invite you to a Workshop on 5D Vitro Models: A step closer to Humans, organized by POLITECNICO DI TORINO and IVTECH, which will take place on 16th December 2022 . This Workshop will cover information on: 1) Commercially available technology for 3D and dynamic in vitro models 2) Focus on […]

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